Southern California’s Solar Revolution: The Community, CPUC, and the Misguided Policies

Greetings, fellow solar enthusiasts! There is a plethora of interesting news shooting across the solar landscape today. Let’s dive in and soak up some of that radiant information!

First off, I’d like to discuss a topic that has been under the sun for quite a bit – community solar in California. It seems that California’s community solar is not reaching its full potential yet, despite the loud demand from various groups, including ratepayers, equity, environmental, labor, agricultural, and business. This information comes off a 3-1 vote by the CPUC that many believe ignored the will of these stakeholders. It’s a noteworthy topic to explore, especially if you’re interested in solar companies trying to make a difference at a community level.

Moving onto the icy plains of Wisconsin, Alliant Energy is making headlines with the completion of a massive 200 MW solar project. This is no ordinary project; it’s part of a multi-phase buildout involving no less than 12 solar projects, which together are set to provide over 1 GW! If you’ve been toying with the idea of incorporating solar panels for your home, this news should serve as an encouraging testament to the power of solar!

Here’s an exciting tidbit for those keeping a close eye on energy storage: Long-Duration Energy Storage (LDES) seems poised to outcompete lithium-ion batteries. LDES technologies might be in their early stage and seemingly costly, but they are approaching a point where they can provide lower costs for longer durations than their lithium-ion counterparts. A milestone to take note of if you are planning a solar array for your home!

Looking over at international trade events, price trends in the global solar industry have been affected. Solar wafer prices continue to soften, but a complex international trade milieu has sparked concern among solar companies.

May’s weather patterns also shaped solar outcomes in varied and dramatic ways. Between the Gulf’s heat dome and a polar jet stream, unusual irradiance patterns were recorded across North America. Interesting weather phenomena can often impact the output of your residential solar panels!

The Chinese wafer manufacturer, TCL Zhonghuan, has also unveiled ambitious plans to acquire a majority stake in Maxeon, which would put the latter in a stronger financial position – a crucial move among solar companies!

Closing today’s update on a controversial note, Canadian Solar, a global manufacturer, challenges the prevalent support for tariffs among solar manufacturers, as it raises questions about capacity considerations and potentially negative fiscal effects.

There you have it, solar aficionados – a glimpse into today’s happening in the solar industry. I encourage you to dig deeper into the issues that resonate with you as you navigate the solar realm.

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