“Alliant Energy Fuels Wisconsin with 200 MW Solar Power: A Leap Towards Sustainable Future”

Ever wondered what difference a solar power facility can make on a community scale? Consider the newly completed Grant County Solar project in Potosi, Wisconsin. The solar project covers 1,400 acres and hosts over 430,000 solar panels for your home-like applications but on a massive scale.

Developed by Alliant Energy, this 200 MW facility is a prime example of the work solar companies are doing right now. Not only does it have the capability to generate enough electricity to meet the annual demand of 50,000 homes, but it’s also contributing to the local economy in an impressive way. In fact, over the life of the project, the county and town are expected to receive more than $30 million in shared revenues.

As a testament to the benefits of solar power, local business owner and participating landowner, Dave Fritz, mentioned how the solar lease payments are helping him diversify his income and preserve the value of his land for the future. This is another win for the solar industry, proving what a solar array for your home or community can contribute to not only green energy but also economic stability.

Moving on to the construction phase, it’s crucial to highlight how solar companies are creating jobs right here in the country. Over 700 people were employed to build the Grant County Solar project, which was contracted with a subsidiary of NextEra Energy Resources.

Yet, it doesn’t stop there. Alliant Energy is setting the bar high, planning to develop nearly 275 MW of energy storage capacity alongside its Wisconsin solar portfolio. The Grant County battery storage project, which will be co-located with the 200 MW solar facility, will be able to keep the power going for four hours in the event of any issues. FlexGen has been selected as the equipment provider for the batteries and energy management systems.

It’s clear to see that solar companies, projects like these, and choosing to install a solar array for your home, contribute to much more than just energy production. From creating jobs to supporting local economies and pushing forward technological innovation, solar is lighting the way to a bright and sustainable future. So, as you consider a solar company for your own installation, think about not just the energy you’ll be generating, but also the broader contributions you’ll be making. Solar makes cents—and a whole lot of sense, too.

Original Articlehttps://pv-magazine-usa.com/2024/05/31/alliant-energy-completes-200-mw-solar-project-in-wisconsin/

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