“FTC Solar’s Innovative Hail Protection: Automated Stow System in Action”

Hello, solar enthusiasts! Welcome back to my blog. It’s safe to say the solar industry is growing by leaps and bounds these days. Each new day brings fresh developments, making solar panels for your home more efficient and resilient. Today, I am thrilled to share something that I am especially excited about – a new development, in fact, in the realm of solar array for home.

One of the major concerns that many homeowners share when considering installing solar is the potential for weather-related damage. Hail, in particular, can be a tricky adversary but some solar companies have been turning the tables in our favor.

A profound and recent development in the industry is an inventive ‘Hail Stow Strategy’. When a hailstorm is imminent, this ingeniously designed mechanism can automatically reposition the facing of solar modules to lessen the impact and potential damage from incoming hail. It’s a testament to just how far the solar industry has come.

The innovation comes courtesy of a Texas-based solar company specializing in solar trackers. They have developed an automated solution that harnesses live meteorological data, predicting the advent of a hailstorm and acting ahead of time.

The company’s Automated Hail Stow Solution has been integrated into their cloud-based PV asset monitoring solution. Some of the deciding factors it takes into account are the advanced tracking algorithms and the best tracker stowing methods for extreme weather events. This strategy means the tracker quickly moves to >50 hail stow, turning the modules away from the impending storm.

Now, if you’re thinking, what if there’s a human error? Worry not! The system even comes with a feature that lets the plant manager manually adjust to the nearest high angle stow thereby reducing stowing time further.

Something else that makes me thrilled about this solution is the degree of customization on offer. The stow thresholds can be tailored to align with the homeowners’ risk tolerance and locale, taking into account factors such as hail size, probability, and radius.

Having an effective hail stow strategy in place gives homeowners peace of mind, making solar panels for your home an even more appealing prospect. While this is just one of the advancements in the solar industry, it opens up even greater possibilities for utilizing solar power.

I’m excited and hopeful about what the future holds in the world of solar. As more solar companies get creative with their solutions, offering the best for homeowners, we’re one step closer to making solar the number one energy choice for all!

Until next time, stay sun-sational!

Original Articlehttps://pv-magazine-usa.com/2024/05/30/ftc-solar-introduces-automated-hail-stow-for-solar-tackers/

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