Exploring Renewable Energy: Advantage Capital, New Energy Equity, and More

Hello there, solar enthusiasts! As your reliable solar blogger & expert, I’m here today with an exciting update on the recent job moves in the ever-evolving solar industry. Let’s embark on this journey, and remember, the sun is the daily reminder that we too can rise again from the darkness, that we too can shine our own light!

Now, let’s start with the big news – Steven Lichtin, an experienced executive in the solar and energy storage space, has recently taken charge as the managing director and CEO of Advantage Capital Renewables. Lichtin boasts almost 15 years of experience developing solar and energy storage projects, making him a significant resource for solar companies that are aiming at creating a robust solar array for the home.

In the meantime, Pinneaple Energy Inc., a prominent solar company known for providing solar energy and backup power, announced a leadership change. Kyle Udseth, the then CEO, has resigned, and Scott Maskin from SUNation Energy has stepped in as the Interim CEO. Maskin, a veteran with over 23 years under his belt in the industry, is an esteemed figure known for his contributions to ensuring solar panels for your home are easily accessible and affordable.

Keeping pace with these job transitions, Xcel Energy has positioned Rob Berntsen as the Executive Vice President and Chief Legal and Compliance Officer. Berntsen, with his impressive experience in the energy sector, is seemingly the perfect fit for Xcel’s mission of leading a clean energy transition across the nation.

Winding up this batch of updates is a string of promising job changes. Darren Devine is now the CFO at Linea Energy, Ty Baccile II ascended to the role of Director of Development at New Energy Equity, Oran Arms is the new Director of Business Development at Catalyze, and lastly, Emilie Wangerman has steered towards a new professional journey as the COO at Lightsource BP.

Now, to all my budding solar enthusiasts out there, here’s a fantastic job opportunity for you. A New York-based organization is searching for the Director of Community Solar Development. If you’ve got relevant experience in solar development and possess the expertise to manage all things from structuring and negotiating land agreements, managing local government permitting process, environmental studies, budgets, and much more, this might just be the next big break you’ve been waiting for.

So folks, that’s all for today’s updates! This is your solar guide, signing off, reminding you that every sunrise is an invitation for us to brighten someone’s day. Harness that energy, explore the wonders of solar panels for your home, and embark on a rewarding journey by contributing to a more sustainable future!

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