Ultimate Guide: Integrating Modern Heat Pumps into Your Trendy Home Decor

Hello, fellow solar enthusiasts! Today, I’d like to talk about a technology that’s making quite a splash in the solar industry. A startup known as Quilt has unveiled a residential heat pump with an impressive coefficient of performance (COP) of up to 4. This innovation not only operates with minimum noise levels of 27 dBA to 47 dBA, but has also been designed for easy installation, being either wall-mountable or suitable for placement on a tabletop.

This advancement by Quilt presents a wonderful step forward in maximizing energy efficiency, and it’s something that solar companies across the market would pay attention to, especially since Quilt just raised a whopping $35.9 million in investment.

The Quilt system lends to efficient operation of solar panels for your home, if you have installed one. It’s designed with an outdoor unit that is built with the capacity to power up to two indoor units. Put simply, compared to larger units, this device is more compact, quieter, and thereby saves more energy and cuts down your expenses as well.

To get a bit more technical, the cooling capacity of this system (at 46.4 F [8 C] and 95 F [35 C]) ranges between 2,500 BTU/hour to 20,500 BTU/hour. When it comes to heating, the system boasts a COP of 4 at 46.4 F and drops to 2 at 5 F (-15 C). Concerning cooling, the COP remains at 4 even at 95 F.

A key advantage of the Quilt system is in its noise levels. Described by the manufacturer as being no louder than rainfall, it enjoys a noise range of just 27 dBA to 47 dBA. Users can avail of it in a real white oak veneer variant or a white-colored model that’s paintable or ready for wallpaper.

Competitively priced at $6,499 per room, it comes with an intuitive indoor unit, design-forward outdoor unit, professional installation by Quilt, permitting support from a Quilt Advisor, and ongoing support.

Currently, Quilt is launching this smart, intuitive, and design-forward heat pump option in the Bay Area, with plans of expanding to Los Angeles and more markets in the U.S. in the near future.

In summary, if you are considering an efficient solar array for home, Quilt offers a promising tool that can complement fit and modify your solar arrangement. It deserves attention from solar companies as an innovative contribution to the industry, and from homeowners keen on enhancing their own solar installations. Moreover, it underlines the continuous evolution and potential of solar as a great source of power for homes. Stay tuned as I continue to bring you more updates from the exciting world of solar!

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