Revamping the National Power Grid: A Deep Dive into FERC’s New Transmission Rule

Hello there, fellow solar enthusiasts! Today, I have a set of recent bright news from the world of solar to share with you. This is especially for those of you contemplating a switch to “solar panels for your home” or planning on having a “solar array for home.”

First, let’s talk about the recent step taken by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC). They put forth a new transmission rule aimed at fortifying our nation’s power grid. This rule, which has earned applause from various industry groups, is something we’ve been awaiting for over a decade. It notably addresses regional transmission policy while also emphasizing the required long-term planning for transmission. The impact of such a policy on the solar industry and potential solar companies cannot be overstated.

Moving to California, I’ve got electric news! Bakersfield can now boast of a solar-powered truck stop, courtesy of WattEV. This 5.7 MW station isn’t just solar-powered; it combines the energy from solar panels and storage to manage demand charges. This is a testament to how solar companies are pushing boundaries to make solar power more accessible and utilitarian.

Next, let’s talk drones. A squad of Austrian researchers has taken the game of powering drones up a notch, no mile-high. They’ve demonstrated a feasible method to power personal-sized autonomous drones with lightweight, flexible, and ultra-thin perovskite PV (Photovoltaic) cells. Solar companies are therefore exploring every possible avenue where solar power can be wielded – even the sky isn’t a limit!

The solar sector had a resounding victory in 2023, with Trina Solar’s solar module shipping record. It managed to ship 65.21GW of solar modules during that year. This is just one example of solar companies making immense strides in bringing solar panels for your home a reality.

Last but surely not least, let’s discuss net metering in Puerto Rico. The solar company sector is vying to preserve it through two distinct approaches. A solar trade group is persuading the White House to appoint pro-solar members to a federal control board that challenged Puerto Rico’s net metering law. Additionally, the former president of the Puerto Rico Senate suggests mending said law. It’s an interesting time for solar in Puerto Rico- and we’ll be following this story closely.

That wraps up today’s solar news update. It gives a glimpse of how diversified the world of solar has become. From a solar array for homes to PV-powered drones, the possibilities seem endless. Stay tuned for more updates and don’t hesitate to drop a comment if you’re considering solar for your home!

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