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A warm hello to my fellow solar enthusiasts! Today, I bring you some exciting news and updates from our ever-evolving solar industry. Solar companies are continuing to evolve and adapt to serve our green energy needs better. This post should be helpful whether you’re considering solar panels for your home or if you’re just interested in staying up-to-date with the industry.

I am pleased to share that Jessica Fishman has been appointed as the director for Kiterocket’s renewable energy practice. Her 20 years of strategic marketing experience, gained at well-known clean energy firms and through her tenure as the head of global public and media relations at SolarEdge, anticipates a boost in the promotion and growth of renewable energy.

Shining a light on another significant move, Wood Mackenzie has announced the appointment of Jason Liu as their new CEO. As a distinguished leader, bringing forth over 25 years of his experience, his strategic vision has thrived in the past in the software and data industries, and we look forward to seeing how he will upraise Wood Mackenzie’s role in the solar industry.

In addition, we have some new appointments in renowned solar and renewable energy firms. Michael Frenette has been appointed as Head of Community Solar and DG Origination at Trina Solar. A position as Executive Director at Alliance for Clean Energy, New York has been filled by Marguerite Wells. Erin Kendrick has started her stint as Senior Director of Development, New England at New Leaf Energy, Inc., and finally, Jason Claiborne has been appointed as Senior Director, Western Business Unit at Catalyze.

Now, let’s dive into some opportunities for those interested in directly working with solar companies. A community solar developer is needed to lead solar-focused projects in New York State. This position requires someone with proficiency in managing land agreements, local government permitting processes, utility interconnection processes, and an array of other tasks critical to the successful establishment of a solar array for home or community use.

The potential candidate should have relevant experience with a strong sense of initiative, organisational skills, and the ability to lead cross-functional, multi-departmental tasks. If this is something you’re excited about doing – bringing solar panels to more homes across New York state, I encourage you to apply here.

As the solar industry continues to develop, it becomes even more evident that solar power is the future. As more and more homes are choosing solar arrays for their homes, we continually see the stamp that solar is leaving on our world.

I’ll continue to keep you updated on all things solar. Until next time, remain green and keep shining with the power of solar!

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