“United Power’s Renewable Energy Journey: Leaving Tri-State for Colorado’s Majestic Mountains”

Hello there, solar enthusiasts! As we continue to explore the ever-evolving universe of sustainable energy, I can’t help but notice a trend sweeping across Colorado – the strategic move by local co-ops towards renewable energy, particularly solar.

It’s always exciting to see the shift to cleaner alternatives, and in this case, Colorado’s electric co-op, United Power, is leading the charge. They’ve officially stopped buying power from their traditional supplier and commenced a new partnership with Guzman Energy, a company that prioritizes “cheaper, better, and cleaner energy sources.” And believe me, this switch will have a significant impact on the promotion and adoption of solar by companies and households alike.

In fact, United Power is already making significant strides. Taking advantage of its independence, United Power is developing a microgrid that will merge the benefits of floating solar with storage. This move isn’t just a step forward for the company; it provides an essential model of a solar array for home use.

This substantial move by United Power highlights the increasing focus on solar power within the industry. And it’s an approach that’s being replicated by other co-ops. The Kit Carson co-op in New Mexico and the Delta Montrose co-op in Colorado, for instance, have already exited their traditional contracts and are now sourcing power from Guzman Energy.

Others are also gearing up for the switch – the Mountain Parks Electric co-op has a plan to exit their relationship with their traditional supplier in 2025, with a 20-year contract with Guzman waiting in the wings. The La Plata Electric co-op has echoed this move, revealing its decisions to terminate their contract in 2026.

What these co-ops collectively represent is an increasing demand for solar energy. By committing to solar arrays for their power needs, these co-ops emphasize the cleaner, cheaper, and more efficient alternative solar offers over traditional energy sources.

The encouraging news doesn’t stop there, though. CORE, the largest electric co-op in Colorado, has an impressive plan for the future. Teaming up with Invenergy, CORE will receive 1.2 TWh of renewable energy per year from 2026, including 400 MW from new solar and wind projects and 100 MW of battery storage. That’s a whole lot of bright, sunny energy powering the great state of Colorado!

Solar is no longer an obscure, futuristic concept. It’s concrete and viable, thanks to local companies moving towards greener alternatives. So, if you’re sailing in a sea of confusion about solar or contemplating installing solar panels for your home, now is a fantastic time to ride the wave! These electric co-ops are proof that solar is a realistic, sustainable choice for our energy needs both today and well into the future.

Stay tuned for more exciting news and updates from the world’s leading solar expert – me! Let’s harness the power of the sun together.

Original Articlehttps://pv-magazine-usa.com/2024/05/07/colorado-co-op-united-power-is-free-to-pursue-renewables-after-exiting-tri-state/

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