Boosting Sustainability: Weekly Review of the U.S. Solar Industry Progress

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It’s quite evident that big tech companies are leading the way when it comes to renewable energy procurement, and solar is playing a significant role in this. Take Microsoft, for instance. The company announced the largest-ever corporate procurement of renewable energy – a staggering 10.5 GW! This investment is set to power their datacenters, emphasizing how fruitful decisions like these are for businesses, beyond a commitment to sustainability.

Indeed, solar companies are doing their part to bring us innovative products that can revolutionize the energy sector. Case in point is the newly released SimpiPHI 6.6 Home Battery System by Briggs & Stratton. If you’ve been considering solar panels for your home, this introduction to battery storage might be the nudge you need. This scalable home battery system can bring home a maximum continuous power of 84 kW.

In policy news, there’s something to celebrate in Virginia. The General Assembly passed pro-solar legislation, with House Bill 1062 and Senate Bill 271 coming into effect in July. This move is set to further incentivize solar and energy storage at residential and commercial levels, proving just how forward-thinking some states are becoming in adopting clean energy solutions.

If you are looking to install a solar array for your home, this news might be of interest. With such pro-solar legislation, it could now be more tempting than ever to make the move towards solar with leading solar companies.

Meanwhile, let’s take a moment to appreciate California hitting an energy storage milestone. Batteries account for 10 GW/40 GWh of the evening grid’s capacity. Certainly, a testament to the potential of solar and the significant role it plays in energy storage.

Finally, community investments are making solar more accessible in regions like Appalachia. The Green Bank for Rural America is working with community lenders to finance projects supporting climate change mitigation, including distributed solar and storage measures.

This move of leaning into solar power is becoming more pronounced across homes, businesses, and communities, offering a promising transition towards renewable energy that’s set to revolutionize our energy landscape—quite the exciting time to be in solar.

So, until next time, keep a lookout for the next wave of solar innovations and strategies that are set to take over the energy industry.

Stay sunny, everyone!

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