Unleashing Solar Power Across The US: The SEMA Coalition’s Journey Towards Green Energy

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In this article, I’d like to address a theme that’s been swirling around in the solar industry’s atmosphere: the increased reliance on imported solar panels, specifically from China. Though solar energy can be a massive boon to both your wallet and the environment, it’s crucial to understand the impact of where those panels originate from.

Solar panels for your home have become an increasingly popular investment. Why? Simply put, they harness the power of the sun (a free and abundant energy source), slashing electricity bills and reducing your carbon footprint. But as more homeowners opt for solar installations, most tend to overlook a critical factor – the source of their solar panels.

Until recently, it was common for US homeowners to have American-made solar panels. However, a new trend is emerging, with more solar companies relying heavily on imports from China. According to S&P Global Market Intelligence, the US imported an astounding 54GW of Chinese solar panels in 2023, an 82% surge from the previous year.

Why this sudden shift? The answer lies in the 2022’s Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), which while promoting clean energy acquisition by individual consumers, inadvertently gives a significant advantage to Chinese solar manufacturers. This competition in the market has unintentionally left American solar companies and manufacturers in the dust.

But how does this affect you and the broader eco-system? The implications are more significant than you might think, impacting US job growth, energy security and yes, even the environment.

Solar, first and foremost, is a home-grown innovation of the United States. Its evolution has paved the way for numerous well-paying jobs across the board, from manufacturing to installation. By keeping these processes within our borders, we promote gainful employment opportunities for many Americans.

As of 2022, there were 263,883 jobs primarily focused on solar energy in the US. This incredibly encouraging number could potentially multiply should more domestic businesses harness the incentives set out in the IRA. Unfortunately, an over-reliance on Chinese imports could see these hard-earned jobs vanish, with every aspect of the solar array for home construction migrating overseas.

Moreover, depending heavily on another nation for our solar energy needs could pose some potential security risks. Strangely enough, outsourcing solar panel production to China could be substantially worse for the environment. One study discovered that manufacturing solar panels in China results in a 30% higher emission of greenhouse gases than if made in the US, primarily due to China’s reliance on coal for electricity.

With all that mind, the future of solar might seem dubious. But it’s not all doom and gloom, thanks to the Solar Energy Manufacturers for America (SEMA) Coalition.

SEMA Coalition is a unit of motivated solar manufacturers dedicated to reconstructing the US solar energy supply chain. By doing so, they aim to offer financial benefits to customers, pioneer clean energy, bolster job creation, and ensure energy independence.

SEMA Coalition has already made significant strides towards this goal, successfully advocating for solar credits inclusion in IRA’s section 45X. But the responsibility of awareness falls not only to such coalitions, but to all solar (and solar-adjacent) companies as well.

The American solar industry has a high standard to uphold when it comes to innovation. By investing in and promoting American-made solar products, we can stimulate the domestic solar supply chain and create competitive and sustainable products, even on a global stage. As customers, your choice to opt for American-made solar panels will not just contribute to the environment, but also help maintain a robust domestic solar industry, safeguard American jobs, and support national energy security.

In the bigger picture, choosing the right source for your solar panels isn’t just about saving energy or money – it’s about saving our future.

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