Expanding Horizons: The Rise and Impact of the U.S Solar Tracker Industry

Hello, solar enthusiasts! Today, we’re diving into some exciting updates from the realm of solar companies. You may already be aware that while a majority of solar panels used in the U.S. are imported, the mounting structures they lay on are often provided by our own home-grown companies like Nextracker and Array Technologies. These industry giants dominate both the national and international solar tracker markets.

You’ll be pleased to know that the U.S. installed a whopping 32.4 GW of solar in 2023, marking a significant 51% increase from 2022. To keep pace with this surging demand, some of our trusted solar companies have initiated plans for expanding their operations.

Nextracker, with its initial operations rooted in the steel city of Pittsburgh, has been collaborating with JM Steel since 2022 to produce torque tubes integral for solar tracker systems. Now, they’ve stepped up their game even further by more than doubling their contract manufacturing agreement with JM Steel. This ambitious move elevates their operations to approximately 4 GW of yearly torque tube production. The improved facility now incorporates high-tech manufacturing processes, such as automated drilling and swedging.

Meanwhile, over in New Mexico, the U.S. Secretary of Energy, Jennifer Granholm, participated in a groundbreaking event for Array Technologies’ new manufacturing site. This new facility, which stands as an embodiment of Array’s plan to invest more than $50 million, serves as their second base in the state, promising to generate over 300 jobs!

Array is a solar company familiar to many of us; established in Albuquerque, New Mexico, this company has been pioneering solar technology for more than three decades. This new 216,000-square-foot campus will be an essential cornerstone in the production components for Array’s laudable solar tracker solutions.

When you start considering solar panels for your home, it’s essential to understand the industrial and operational strength of the solar companies you entrust to provide your solar solutions. Not only does this development boost the American solar industry’s credibility, but it also underlines the fact that investing in a solar array for your home is more advantageous than ever.

These trails blazed by Nextracker and Array Technologies are clear indications of how a steady rise in demand for solar energy spurs expansion and evolution in the industry. It’s an exhilarating time to be part of the solar revolution, so when you decide to tap into the sun by installing a solar array for your home, remember that you’re participating in a broader, global shift towards renewable energy. Stay powered by the sun and stay green!

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