Unveiling Green Energy: How Urban Solar, Kilo Power, and Palmetto Spearhead Eco-Friendly City Progress

Title: Navigate the Solar Industry: Key Appointments and Career Opportunities

If you’ve been keeping an eye on the solar industry’s shift in personnel–you’re not alone. A range of new appointments within some leading solar companies and organizations are helping shape this ever-evolving landscape, breathing fresh and innovative energy into the burgeoning field of solar power.

Let’s delve into some of these noteworthy moves:

Julia Hamm, bringing decades of experience from the Smart Electric Power Alliance and RE+ (the largest energy trade show in North America), recently joined the Ad Hoc Group as a partner.

Meanwhile, the American Council on Renewable Energy (ACORE) has welcomed Jeremy Horan, a seasoned veteran with nearly two decades of service in U.S. Congress and progressive energy policies, as their new Vice President of Government Affairs.

In the realm of smart energy storage solutions, San Diego-based NeoVolta Inc. has appointed energy sector professional, Ardes Johnson, as their new CEO. Johnson is set to officially step into his role on April 29, 2024.

On the advisory board front, Palmetto—a technology company propelling residential clean energy adoption—recently appointed the well-regarded economist Lawrence H. Summers. Given his role as Secretary of the Treasury under President Clinton and Director of the National Economic Council under President Obama, Summers’ rich economic policy expertise certainly boosts Palmetto’s mission to democratize access to renewable energy sources.

Watching these strategic moves, it’s clear the solar industry is committed to facilitating and bolstering the adoption and efficacy of solar panels for your home and beyond.

For those considering a career in solar—or those seeking new pastures—various positions filled across North America underscore the dynamic opportunities in store. Positions range from country manager at TIU Canada to senior manager of Electrical Engineering at Kilo Power.

For instance, a sales manager position is open in San Francisco, CA, offering a generous compensation package and a remote work opportunity. This role is perfect for an individual with a solid background in renewable energy and B2B sales experience. If you’ve always wanted to contribute to a solar company, this may be your golden opportunity to be part of the unfolding story of solar arrays for homes, businesses, and more.

In summary, these recent appointments across the expansive solar-power landscape illustrate the vibrant, ever-evolving dynamism of the industry. As more households and businesses adopt solar as their chosen renewable energy source, the industry will no doubt continue to thrive—and attract top talent—to ensure solar power plays a prominent role in our sustainable future.

Stay tuned to this blog for more updates from the solar frontier, including solar company news, product reviews, and expert insights into how solar panels for your home can revolutionize your energy consumption and reduce your carbon footprint. Tune in, stay informed, transform your home—and our planet—with the power of solar energy.

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