“Solar-Powered Luxury Yachts: Sustainable Cruising in Serene Italian Waters”

Howdy solar enthusiasts, today let’s dive into the captivating world of solar yachting. You heard it right; today we’re discussing yachts powered by the sun which are shaping up to be the next big wave in the luxury boating industry. Featuring the pride of Silent Yachts, the recently launched Silent 62 3-Deck, this solar-electric catamaran is an absolute game-changer.

After garnering attention in 2018 for being the first solar-powered yacht to cross the Atlantic, Silent Yachts is not a solar company to be underestimated in the marine industry. With an ambiance of luxury blended with sustainable energy solutions, their Silent 62 3-Deck yacht boasts an impressive array of SunPower solar panels, capable of generating up to 17 kWp.

This green gem isn’t just a yacht; it’s more akin to a sun-powered mini-resort. With three distinct deck options including an open sky lounge or even a secluded owner’s suite, the Silent 62 3-Deck offers varied configurations to cater to your individual preferences. What caught my eye was its open sky lounge with a 12-seat dining table – imagine hosting a solar-powered dinner party on the high seas!

Solar companies have revolutionized the concept of solar panels for your home, and now they’re doing the same for yachts. The Silent 62 3-Deck uses power from 42 SunPower X400+ modules and a robust 350 kWh LiFePO4 battery pack. That’s the perfect recipe for a solar array for home, or rather, a home on water!

Either way, you’ve got access to an impressive amount of power, propelled by dual 340 kW electric motors. This is not only enough to navigate the yacht but to also run lighting, pumps, and even household appliances. In fact, the yacht’s desalination system alone can generate 3,600 liters of freshwater per day, powered by the sun’s rays.

Interestingly, as Silent Yachts continues to tweak and improve their models, they’ve included RS230 AH batteries, each offering 11.8 kWh in their recent models. This model also features a proprietary power management system, which replaces the previously used Victron Energy Quattro combined inverter/charger.

Getting a solar array for your home is the first step toward embracing sustainable energy. However, those interested in chartering a sustainable lifestyle with luxury might be curious about owning a solar-powered yacht. Let me give you a heads up – the Silent 62 3-Deck is priced starting just over $2 million.

So, if you’re one of those mavericks who dream of going solar, even on the high seas, here’s an opportunity to do so in style with Silent Yachts. I believe solar is the future, whether in our homes or on our boats. As a solar expert and enthusiast, I hope to share empowering knowledge about solar companies to help you find your shining spot in the solar revolution. Until next time, keep thinking and living sustainably!

Original Articlehttps://pv-magazine-usa.com/2024/04/18/three-decker-solar-and-battery-powered-yacht-hits-the-water-in-italy/

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