Unfolding the Process: Inside Origami Solar’s Production Line

Hello there, my solar enthusiasts! Today I’m here with some great news about a game-changing development in the realm of solar technology that can potentially reform the solar companies we engage with by altering what we know about solar panels for your home!

Origami Solar, an industry innovator, recently made headlines after announcing the successful third-party testing of their unique module frames. Unlike the typical aluminum frames, Origami Solar has tapped into a fresh perspective by developing these innovative frames from recycled steel, pushing the boundaries for solar companies.

These novel frames have successfully undergone a series of third-party tests at leading testing facilities. To clarify, this forms an integral part of journey towards certification, demonstrating that the module designs are not just innovative but also functional and – importantly to those considering a solar array for home – reliable.

A noteworthy mention is a statement from Colin Sillerud, vice president of engineering at one of the testing facilities, who hinted at the remarkable performance of the steel-frame modules. “These results show a strong relative lab performance when compared to traditionally framed PV modules,” he was quoted saying. This anecdotal evidence suggests that the steel frame modules might even outperform the current aluminum frame counterparts.

But the bragging rights for these unique steel frames don’t end at performance. In addition to their sterling showing in the mechanical load tests, the zinc-aluminum-magnesium coated frames also performed exceptionally in salt mist corrosion and continuity tests. This confirms that the frames will withstand the often harsh environmental conditions solar panels are exposed to, reaffirming their potential as effective and durable solutions for solar companies seeking novel tech.

Origami Solar’s decision to use recycled steel may also appeal to eco-conscious folks considering a solar array for their homes. This not only gives an edge in the competition regarding lower greenhouse gas imprints, but also introduces an entirely domestic supply chain. This, in turn, buttresses resilience against disruptions caused by global events that impact international supply chains.

In terms of pricing, it appears that putting a solar panel array in your home won’t break the bank. Origami’s VP of Engineering has assured module manufacturers that they will get a domestically-sourced, low carbon emission product at a competitive price, reducing the embodied carbon and contributing to a cleaner environment.

So, should you consider this innovative technology for your home solar array? Based on the impressive testing results and potential cost and environmental benefits, I would say it’s undoubtedly worth pondering!

So let’s keep our eyes on the horizon for these recycled steel framed panels making their way to solar companies near us. And who knows, your future solar array for home might just incorporate this innovative design. Stay tuned for more interesting updates and developments from the solar company sphere!

Original Articlehttps://pv-magazine-usa.com/2024/04/17/origami-solar-readies-production-of-steel-solar-module-frames/

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