“Plummeting Solar Panel Costs: A Three Week Analysis”

Greetings solar enthusiasts! I’m excited to discuss some recent trends in the solar industry that you might find intriguing. Sustainability, powered by the sun, has always been a fascinating world with lots of changing dynamics, and in this article, I’ll further enlighten you about what has been happening lately.

Solar companies globally are experiencing phenomenal changes. In past posts, I’ve discuss how project costs primarily depend on prevailing prices of solar cells. Recently, the Free On Board (FOB) China prices for cells have marked another round of declines, primarily due to widespread price drops across the upstream segments. Held hostage by these trends, Mono PERC and TOPCon M10 cells experienced a 1.09% and 1.98% drop in price from the previous week respectively. We are looking at $0.0455/W for Mono PERC and $0.0545/W for TOPCon M10 cells.

Now, if you’re curious about solar panels for your home, well, declining cell prices certainly is beneficial for you! A lower cell price means a more affordable solar array for home installations. But let me add a twist to this. As some cell manufacturers are investing in additional TOPCon capacity, while others are upgrading their outdated Mono Perc production lines to TOPCon, we’re seeing a heightened supply. And as we know from basic economics, a larger supply with constant demand can lead to a continued decline in prices.

One more point to note is that we might observe limited price hikes even during peak demand. Although ground-mounted solar projects in China might bump up demand in April and May, the impact on price rise could be marginal due to the substantial capacity involved.

Turning to the global market, the local solar industry in Turkey appears somewhat lukewarm. With solar companies maintaining a large inventory of Mono PERC cells, expanding into new markets and business ventures will take time.

Overall, the solar industry continues to be a dynamic one, with ebbs and flows in prices, supply and demand. It’s a fascinating time to be involved or simply observe as these developments unfold. Whether you’re a solar enthusiast or exploring a solar array for home, remember, this is the future – a future powered by the sun!

Stay tuned for more updates. As we navigate the complex world of the solar industry, I’m here to guide you with information that will help you make informed decisions. Thanks for reading!

Original Articlehttps://pv-magazine-usa.com/2024/04/12/solar-cell-prices-fall-for-3rd-consecutive-week/

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