Top Tips for Affordable Wire Management: A Review on Generac and Infinity Power Solutions

Hello, fellow solar enthusiasts! It’s always a pleasure to be here on the blog sharing valuable insights into our cherished solar industry. Today, I’m thrilled to provide you with recent job moves and relevant information to help you learn more about the current developments within the solar sector. I understand a lot of my readers are already involved with, or are considering, solar panels for their home, or developing a solar array for home use, and there is a lot of new activity to keep an eye on!

Our industry continues to see a remarkable surge in the number of professionals shifting careers within the solar companies’ landscape. Renowned solar company, Affordable Wire Management (AWM), recently welcomed Linda Merritt as their new Head of Quality. Merritt possesses over two decades of extensive experience in a wide range of roles, exuding a prowess that is undeniably valuable for any solar company’s operations.

Another exciting announcement came from Generac, who recently appointed Jennifer Anderson as their new Executive Vice President of Global Corporate Strategy & Development. Social responsibility has been at the forefront in the current climatic scenario, and rightfully, Anderson will be leading Generac’s Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG) efforts.

I also want to highlight some recent job placements facilitated by EnergeiaWorks, which includes individuals like Gregory Gangelhoff starting a new role at Energy and Environmental Economics, Inc., along with Stephen Molden beginning his stint as Director of Execution and Delivery at Infinity Power. These personnel movements are just the tip of the iceberg, as professionals are seeking out opportunities and growing their careers in different solar companies.

Speaking of opportunities, one that stood out entails a stellar position for a VP of Project Construction in Austin, TX. This role pertains to managing both rooftop and ground mount solar projects, primarily dealing with Contractor and Industrial (C&I) and utility installations. What’s truly exciting about this opportunity is the strategic, customer-centric approach for an organization listed in the Inc. 500 and the generous benefits, including 401k matching.

This position is ideal for anyone who has significant experience with solar energy construction and possesses superb financial analysis skills to predict project economics and manage budgets. If you happen to be someone fitting this description, or know someone who does, I’d strongly recommend jumping on this opportunity!

The solar industry continues to grow and attract talented professionals from diverse horizons. As leading solar companies continue to evolve, they provide unmatched opportunities for us to play a crucial part, whether it’s installing solar panels for your home or simply supporting the development of a solar array for home use.

Stay tuned, solar aficionados! There’s a lot more to come in our solar journey.

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