Solar-Powered Salvation: Sister Margaret’s Journey to Fund Renewable Energy

Hello everyone, I am thrilled to bring you another illuminating post about an inspirational solar power project that is happening halfway across the globe. This time, I will let you in on a heartwarming initiative set in motion by a retired nun named Sister Margaret, who is on a mission to sustain their convent in Santa Ana, El Salvador, through solar energy.

Sister Margaret, who is with nine other sisters at the Mission of Chalatenango, aimed at reducing their electricity costs by harnessing the power of the sun. And wouldn’t you know, they found the perfect partner in their quest: a local solar company named Grupo Solaire.

What’s fascinating about this is that originally, the solar company quoted for a modest solar array for home that would cover about 73% of the convent’s electricity demand. The quoted cost was around $1,582, along with a utility connection fee of approximately $650.

In a brilliant show of unity and spirit, pv magazine USA and many generous souls through a GoFundMe campaign initiated fundraising for this solar power project. As of April 10th, we have managed to raise $2,160, which is 74% of the required amount. It’s indeed wonderful to see so many people committed to an excellent cause!

Responding to this overwhelming support, Sister Margaret requested the solar company to find a custom solar panel configuration that would help them cover 100% of their electricity needs without surpassing local utility rules on solar generation.

The sum total of $2,912 is what we are aiming for to achieve a 1.275 kWdc system coupled with the grid connection fee. So, if you’ve been contemplating installing solar panels for your home or you’re engaged in the solar industry, do consider lending your support to this noble cause.

In the future, the Pastoral Center in the locale is eyeing the possibility of solar power to cut down on their bills too. Despite having limited use and consequently low electricity bills currently, they anticipate the need for a second solar power system in the coming six months as the usage and bills are expected to go up.

Joining hands to support such initiatives can contribute to a more sustainable future for all. In this world of exploding energy demands, the more solar companies we have providing affordable, sustainable solutions, the better we can ensure a brighter and cleaner future for all.

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