Exploring Pumped Hydro Storage Costs: A Deep Dive into NREL’s Innovative Online Tool

Greetings solar enthusiasts! Today, I am incredibly excited to discuss a new development in the solar industry that is likely going to be of great interest to many of you. The National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) – a name that often pops up when we talk about innovations and breakthroughs in solar – has developed a handy, practical tool that takes the guesswork out of potential costs for setting up a new closed-loop pumped storage hydropower (PSH) plant.

We all know how essential thorough cost estimates are, both for the planning and execution of new solar projects. Hence, why NREL’s new tool is a big deal for solar companies and individuals interested in investing in solar array for home. This tool is capable of factoring in a multitude of variables like local geology, labor rates, and inflation!

If you’re scratching your head over what PSH is, don’t worry! To put it in simple terms, pumped storage hydropower is one of the most promising energy storage solutions for the ambitious solar targets we have set for ourselves. It is also the biggest source of grid-scale energy storage capacity in the US, accounting for around 96% in 2022. Despite its potential, expansion of pumped storage hydropower facilities has been slow, mainly due to concern about high upfront costs.

This is where closed-loop PSH systems come into the picture. These systems are separated from the natural waterways, making them more environmentally friendly. This makes them a favored choice for solar companies, especially those conscious of their green footprint.

But again, cost has been a significant issue. Thanks to NREL and their masterful tool, potential project developers can receive a ballpark figure of the costs they might expect if they were to set up such a facility. Consequently, this also paves the way for capacity expansion modeling results that more accurately reflect reality.

To make things even more exciting, just last week, NREL released a high-resolution solar data set covering Africa, Eastern Europe, and the Middle East on their Renewable Energy Data Explorer tool. And it’s not just the US leading the way on this front; researchers from Australian National University have also published a global atlas for potential PSH sites in former mining areas.

As you can see, the possibilities in the solar arena are endless, making it an exciting time to think about solar panels for your home or even considering investing in solar companies. The industry’s forward-thinking vision combined with technology is clearing the way for a more sustainable and green future. Until next time, keep harnessing the power of the sun!

Original Articlehttps://pv-magazine-usa.com/2024/04/04/nrel-releases-online-tool-to-estimate-pumped-hydro-storage-costs/

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