Unveiling the Solar Laggards: A Closer Look at the Lowest Solar Powered States in the US

Hey solar enthusiasts and green energy explorers, you may have been on the lookout for a reliable solar company or eager to find out the benefits of having solar panels for your home. Well, today, let’s dive into some hot topics rocking our world of solar!

First off, in a surprising turn of events, Texas is experiencing a solar boom that’s hard to ignore. More and more solar companies are laying down roots in the lone-star state to meet the growing demands for solar energy.

Solar isn’t just a phase – it’s a way forward. However, believe it or not, some states aren’t catching onto the trend as quickly. In stark contrast to leaders like California and Texas, a few states lag behind in solar installations. From power independence to environmental benefits, solar can bring about a wave of positive change – and it’s about time these solar laggards step up their game!

Making solar modules right here in the U.S. is becoming a reality. Suniva and Heliene have joined forces to deliver all U.S.-made solar modules. Under a three-year sourcing agreement, Suniva will supply Heliene with domestically produced solar cells for incorporation into its modules. This marks a significant step for the U.S. in becoming a key player in solar production.

When it comes to investments in clean energy, special shout-out to the Department of Energy(DOE) for awarding $5 million for clean energy workforce development through minority-supporting institutions. This funding will help students at Tennessee State and University of Texas, El Paso, hone their skills for a future in solar and other clean energy careers.

Across the border, Quebec is also harnessing the power of the sun. The Canadian government has announced a solar tender for a robust 300 MW, aiming to diversify its renewable supply.

Yet, on a bit of a foreboding note, Californians might have to bear up to a $128 fixed charge on their monthly electric bill, regardless of their energy conservation efforts or home solar production. Certainly, such a move could ironically undercut investments in renewable energy.

However, despite the potential setback, Texas is still booming in the solar department. Numerous solar projects are in the pipeline, ready to add hundreds of megawatts of clean energy to the state’s reserves.

From this diverse range of news, one thing’s clear – solar is here to stay. It’s up to us, the savvy consumers, to choose a reliable solar company, and make an informed decision about installing a solar array for home use.

Let us all continue to cheer on advancements in solar technology and promote a sustainable future. Keep shining, solar supporters – our journey to a greener planet is well underway!

Original Articlehttps://pv-magazine-usa.com/2024/03/28/sunrise-brief-solar-laggards-the-five-states-with-the-least-amount-of-solar-installed/

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