“US-Made Excellence: Exploring Suniva and Heliene’s Solar Panel Production”

Hello, esteemed readers, welcome back to that corner of the web where sunlight matters so much to us. Today, as an ardent solar enthusiast and expert, I am thrilled to take yet another deep dive into a profound new development within the solar companies’ landscape. Like clockwork, advancements continue to unravel, and I am positive that what I am about to share will be a massive leap for anyone interested in installing solar panels for your home or a broader solar array for home.

We will explore a thriving collaboration between two proactive actors in the solar world, Suniva and Heliene. These two heavyweights have inked a constructive three-year sourcing deal, and the outcome is nothing short of exciting. Down to the nuts and bolts, Suniva, famous for its top-tier domestically manufactured solar cells, will become a trusted supplier to Heliene. This synergistic move will equip Heliene to produce purely U.S.-crafted solar modules furnished with Suniva’s top-drawer solar cells.

With an illustrious history that goes back more than a decade, Heliene has been a constant in the manufacture of solar modules. Recently, news broke of an impressive $10 million investment by Heliene to expand its Minnesota facility, effectively turbocharging the capacity of this factory. Picture this – their first line, launched in 2018 with 150 MW, has scaled up to a whopping 300 MW following the recent investment. Such advancements promise the manufacture of highly efficient solar modules.

On the Suniva front, the solar company’s journey has been forward-moving, and it’s shown an inspiring display of resilience. Following a temporary setback in 2017, Suniva has emerged, with a phoenix-like ascent. A much-welcome comeback saw the company announce its intention to revive its dormant facility in Georgia. If everything goes according to plan, this spring, production will kick off, scaling up to 2.5 GW per year. This is promising news, particularly for those interested in getting solar panels for their homes.

Suniva and Heliene’s fruitful partnership stands to benefit immensely from the 10% Domestic Content Bonus Investment Tax Credit, which is exclusive to U.S. cells. Emblematic of an emerging trend seen with other companies such as Meyer Burger, more solar cell manufacturers are beginning to set their sights on U.S soil, which is welcoming news for domestic solar enthusiasts.

Anticipating the launch of the U.S. crystalline silicon solar modules fitted with Suniva cells in mid-2024, Heliene looks forward to this historical joint venture with Suniva. A dynamic that aligns with their dedication towards supplying superior modules that can net customers significant tax credits and incentives. 

This exciting move between Suniva and Heliene indeed brightens the prospects for the solar industry and most importantly for those of you dreaming of a solar array for home. I look forward to sharing more news, advice, and insights in the world of solar. As always, stay solar-savvy!

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