“3D rendered 2024 Awards: Entries Now Open – Exploring Opportunities in PV Technology”

The world of solar, as an exciting and rapidly growing industry, is often celebrated with awards that highlight and reward excellence, innovation, and outstanding achievements. The pv magazine Awards are one of these distinguished recognitions that cast light on the exceptional in the solar and energy storage sector. Registering your solar business for the awards could provide a splendid opportunity for your accomplishments to gain recognition.

The solar world that we are a part of is broad and encompasses various aspects from modules to inverters, manufacturing to sustainability, battery energy storage systems (BESS) to balance-of-system (BOS) components. For your solar company, whether it offers solar panels for your home, a wider solar array for home or commercial purposes, this is a channel to demonstrate how you stand out in the field.

Quite distinctively, various solar companies were awarded in 2023 for their excellence and innovation. Notably, under the solar modules category, Risen Energy won for their Hyper-ion module. It’s a commendable 700 W-plus power output, a distinguishing factor for any solar module, packed with multiple innovations like its heterojunction (HJT) cell and busbarless cell interconnection.

In the projects section, Solar Cooling Engineering bagged the prize with its PV Cool Kenya project demonstrating a brilliant amalgamation of solar power and sustainable refrigeration technology. This innovation could be a game-changer for solar companies, pushing boundaries and breaking traditional norms in refrigeration.

The award for inverters was taken home by Deye Technologies with its SUN-29.9-50K-SG01HP3. This hybrid inverter, built specifically for retrofitting, has an AC output of 400, which seamlessly fits with older installations. Its flexibility and scalability make it a standout choice for revamping PV plants.

When talking sustainability, the award went to Origami Solar with its innovative roll-formed recycled steel frame, which is not only faster to produce but also leaves a significantly lower carbon footprint per module.

Finally, a welcome nod to JinkoSolar as the Publisher’s Pick. This solar company has witnessed astonishing achievements, from shipping over 200 GW modules since the inception of their operations in 2010, setting a new n-type TOPCon cell efficiency record, and including battery energy storage systems in their product portfolio. JinkoSolar is a fine example of a solar company that provides complete solutions, setting itself apart in the global solar industry.

The solar industry, while immensely beneficial to the environment, is equally exciting and innovative. Getting involved in such prestigious awards is not just about the recognition but more about being a part of fostering innovation for cleaner, greener energy solutions for our planet. The future is bright for solar companies, let’s keep pushing boundaries, keep innovating for a sustainable tomorrow.

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