Emerging PV Manufacturing Hubs in Europe and North America: An Insightful Map Guide

If you’re like me and have a keen interest in solar power, I’ve got some fantastic news: Sinovoltaics, a Hong Kong-based technical compliance and quality assurance firm, has begun publishing enlightening supply chain reports on PV (Photovoltaic) manufacturing in North America and Europe.

These invaluable resources, produced as illuminating infographics and data tables, are free of charge. I’m excited to share that coverage of India and Southeast Asia is also on the horizon. These reports provide a wealth of information – a significant boon for those interested in becoming familiar with solar companies and learning more about solar panels for your home.

For years, Sinovoltaics has been observing supply chain trends and movements, including the growth of manufacturing in Southeast Asia. They have translated these observations into detailed reports, devised to help visualize the distribution of manufacturing capacities across different regions.

These solar industry insights will be incredibly useful for solar developers and other buyers. For instance, they can use the information to pin down manufacturers in relevant regions, assess the supply chain’s scalability for larger projects, or source modules for projects more effectively. By doing so, they can potentially reduce transportation costs and minimize carbon emissions – a win for both their pocketbooks and our precious environment.

Dricus de Rooij, the co-founder, and CEO of Sinovoltaics has stated that they are providing this critical and dynamic data to ensure solar developers stay informed about growing PV suppliers and the most recent developments in global solar manufacturing.

What can you find in these supply chain reports? They cover current and forthcoming manufacturing activities for producers of modules, cells, wafers, ingots, polysilicon, and multigrain silicon for the years 2023 to 2027. The reports also provide detailed capacity information for each manufacturer’s factory locations, shedding light on the potential output of every solar company.

The report also incorporates symbols to indicate the status of a company, targeting instances whereby a company is now bankrupt or when a production site is closed or paused. This feature provides a helpful snapshot of a company’s standing and operational health, aiding in better decision-making.

The initial North American report encompasses 81 sites spanning the United States, Canada, and Mexico. The European interpretation lists 91 sites across the region, with companies located even in Kazakhstan and Turkey.

As someone fascinated by solar and eager to install a solar array for my home, I’m thrilled with the comprehensive nature of these reports. So, whether you’re considering solar for your home or are just a fellow solar enthusiast, I highly recommend keeping an eye out for these insightful reports from Sinovoltaics. Together, let’s harness the power of the sun.

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