Harnessing the Sun: The Future of Solar-Powered Electric Vehicles

Hello there! Welcome to yet another blog post where I’m going to share the latest updates from the exciting world of solar. Today, I’m going to talk about an impressive application of solar that could revolutionize the way we think about transportation. This involves using an innovative solar panel system in an electric tow tractor ground transport.

This technological leap was brought to us by Capsolar, a Canadian custom module manufacturer known for their Vehicle-Integrated PV (VIPV) systems. VIPV technology is a fresh infusion into the solar companies field bridging the gap between solar and transportation.

Let’s delve into how this solar system works. It’s a 5.6 kW powerhouse incorporating 20 solar panels, backed by a high-efficiency controller system, and a data management tracking platform. Similar to other professionally installed solar arrays for home use.

However, what sets this solar system apart is its ability to increase the battery range of the vehicle it is attached to. It’s been reported that the system can enable a 30% to 40% range increase per battery charge. That is a significant leap! It’s akin to adding more solar panels for your home and realizing a higher energy draw.

Now, if that got your attention, you’ll be glad to know that Capsolar is not stopping there. The solar company is in discussion to equip a whole fleet of vehicles with similar systems – only this time, the systems would be larger and exhibit higher efficiency. It’s as if they are planning to install more than one solar array for home but in vehicles.

Capsolar has had an interesting journey so far, starting in 2020, and making significant strides in the solar industry. Their initial focus was on developing custom PV systems for small vehicles, like electric golf carts and they have now expanded into electric passenger vehicles, boating, and ground transportation applications. In addition to this Capsolar maintains flexibility in customization of module shape, texture, size, and color as per client requests.

I hope you found this post informative and valuable, whether you’re just curious about the current state of solar or actively looking for solar companies to supply solar panels for your home.

To sum up, will solar-powered vehicles replace conventional ones? Only time will tell. But for now, we are witnessing phenomenal advancements in the field of solar that are spearheading the green revolution.

Until the next blog post, keep monitoring your solar array for home, be it tiny or vast. And let’s keep championing for a greener world!

Original Articlehttps://pv-magazine-usa.com/2024/03/15/vehicle-integrated-photovoltaics-for-electric-ground-transport/

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