Green Revolution: Harnessing Renewable Energy for a Sustainable California

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Understanding the value and impact of solar technology is more important now than ever before. It’s not just about the generation of clean energy, but also about the many ‘non-energy benefits’ that come with it. Just for instance, solar arrays for homes can contribute to improved public health and environmental wellbeing. Now, this concept has been given a substantial nod by the California Energy Commission (CEC), and it’s something I want to talk about today.

The CEC in a recent decision, has affirmed that it will consider the ‘non-energy benefits’ of various energy technologies in their policy and decision-making processes. The non-energy benefits (NEBs) in question could include aspects such as reduced pollution, improved public health, and the resilience that comes from adopting distributed renewable energy resources such as solar panels for your home.

For those already perceptive of the bigger picture surrounding our energy choices, this decision comes as a significant victory. It means that while aiming for 100% clean energy by 2045 – a goal set out in Senate Bill 100 – there will also be a definitive focus on the value of public health and environmental integrity. This decision thus opens up a comprehensive avenue for understanding and acting on the multifaceted advantages that solar companies and their offerings stand to provide.

Moreover, this decision bodes exceptionally well for the future of distributed renewable energy in California. In recent times, the state’s solar company industry had been hit with setbacks. Changes and implementations such as NEM 3.0 have brought about challenges for rooftop solar and resulted in many lost solar jobs. The potential for community solar had also taken a hit. However, with CEC’s recent approval, the tide could turn favorably for the solar sector and its various stakeholders.

Interestingly, there is also momentum building for rooftop solar power. Driven by California Assemblymember Laura Friedman, bill AB 2256 has been introduced. It mandates CPUC to adequately consider the costs and benefits of rooftop solar when revising the NEM tariff. This bill means that solar arrays for homes could be looked at more favorably, thereby fostering the growth of the solar industry and making the advantages of solar energy more accessible to homeowners.

This progression is certainly promising, but it also marks just the beginning of what we need to achieve. The recourse to renewable energy, such as solar, is steadily becoming an essential part of our energy landscape, with non-energy benefits becoming critical considerations. As individuals, we can play our part by recognizing the full scope and potential of solar power, including the gamut of advantages that it brings to our health, environment, and society.

So, for anyone considering the switch to solar, remember, having solar panels for your home isn’t merely about electricity savings or gaining energy independence. It’s also about contributing to a larger good – it’s about clean air, healthful communities, and a thriving environment. Onwards to a sunnier future, I say!

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