Exploring the Power Electronics 20 GW Inverter Factory in the heart of USA

Hello all, in today’s blog post I aim to discuss recent developments in the solar industry that promise exciting advancements for solar companies and homeowners alike. A prominent Spanish manufacturer, known for producing key solar components, has recently announced ambitious plans to dramatically lift its inverter production capacity. This move should be of great interest for those of you considering solar panels for your home, as it could have broad implications for efficiency and cost.

Inverters are crucial devices in any solar array for home, as they convert the raw electricity produced by your solar panels from direct current (also known as DC power) to alternating current (AC power), which is the type of electricity your home uses. So, when we hear news about inverter production increasing, we can expect solar to get an efficiency boost.

As per the company’s strategic plan for the period 2024-27, an investment of €300 million ($328 million) will be put into expanding the inverter production capacity both in Spain and the United States. With a current production capacity of 30 GW, the company has plans to supercharge its capacity by over 20GW in the United States by 2026 alone.

This expansion of capacity includes the construction of a new 174,015 square meter factory. This impressive factory, furnished with the latest assembling and manufacturing technologies, will serve as an optimal centre for the manufacture and distribution of this solar company’s products across America.

This move signifies a great stride towards boosting inverter manufacturing and is likely to ripple effects through the solar sector. It promises to have positive implications for the proliferation of solar panels in homes, potentially bringing solar power into the reach of more households.

Adding to the significance of this announcement, the company is set to complete a new plant in Llíria, Spain – an invaluable addition to its Electric Mobility division. This further underscores the company’s commitment to the renewable energy sector and underlines its position as a key player in the industry.

As of now, the company’s products are in use in nearly 2,000 plants spread across 35 countries worldwide. Closing out 2023, it reported an installed AC power capacity of a remarkable 91 GW. Indicative of its standing within the global solar industry, Wood Mackenzie’s report on inverter shipments in 2022 placed the company at seventh globally.

This ambitious plan by a global key player in the solar sector to ramp up its inverter production capacity signals exciting times ahead for solar companies and homeowners eager to equip their homes with solar panels. The increase in production capacity promises greater efficiency and cost-effectiveness for solar arrays for home, reinforcing the indisputable reality that solar power is the energy of the future. Stay tuned for more updates on the exciting world of solar energy.

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