Unveiling the Battle: Pro-Renewable Energy Advocacy vs Anti-Renewable Tactics

Hello friends, it’s today’s solar discussion I’m here to share about some contentious matters occurring at the state-level energy policy front, brought to my attention by the pro-renewable Energy and Policy Institute. This revolves around our very own favored solar power and the State Policy Network’s (SPN) claims on renewables. So, let’s dive right into the heat of the matter.

The SPN, well-funded, with annual revenues of $24 million and combined annual earnings from its extensive think tank members amounting to $188 million, has made some bold claims recently. They argue that states implementing “more intermittent energy sources, such as wind and solar” are causing an unstable grid and skyrocketing costs – something every solar enthusiast, including those who are juggling between various solar companies for the best solar panels for your home, should be aware of.

However, let me note here, dear readers, that the Energy and Policy Institute has countered SPN’s claims in no uncertain terms. They point out that recent major blackouts during extreme weather events were caused primarily by drained methane gas resources and not by switching to natural energy sources like solar power. The rise in electricity prices? It’s the swelling fuel costs for power plants that burn coal, gas, and petroleum that have led to those surges.

SPN, in their quest to prevent states from adopting “unreliable, intermittent sources,” have also communicated their preference for nuclear and geothermal power. Conversely, those of you who are well-versed with solar power might be aware of the fact that a rightly placed solar array for home offers a cost-effective and reliable source of energy that’s been successfully adopted by many homeowners who have reduced their dependency on traditional power sources altogether.

The Energy and Policy Institute has red-flagged SPN’s policy roles in state-level energy matters, describing them as being at the epicenter of a disinformation stream concerning wind and solar power. It’s pertinent for us to understand that many solar companies and enthusiasts have been combating these claims, highlighting the several benefits of adopting solar panels for your home.

These matters certainly serve as a call to action to the solar industry and individuals alike. Exploring reliable solar companies, investing in a solar array for home usage, and spreading awareness on the advantages of renewable resources are steps that can strengthen our stance against misinformation and false claims.

I do hope this post serves as a tool to ignite your own research into your state’s energy policies, and aids in ascertaining which solar company or renewable energy source might be best for you. The journey with solar at home is not only beneficial for our household economy but is also a personal statement confirming our participation in Earth’s sustainability.

Till our next solar-powered discussion, keep harnessing the power of the Sun!

Original Articlehttps://pv-magazine-usa.com/2024/03/12/group-challenges-anti-renewables-messaging-of-50-state-policy-network/

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