Unveiling the Future: Inside a High-Tech Lab with Perovskite-Silicon Tandem Solar Cells

Hello to all solar enthusiasts! In today’s post, I’m particularly excited to bring you news of an innovative advancement in the solar industry.

A pair of leading developers, Canada’s solar simulator supplier G2V Optics and US-based Sinton Instruments, specializing in PV characterization, have collaborated on a cutting-edge solar simulator. This development is a boon for all solar companies, but is especially exciting news for those focused on perovskite-silicon tandem cells and encapsulated mini-modules.

The aptly named FCT-650SE is a game-changer in solar cell and module testing, combining characterization and Class AAA light into a single, powerful tool. More than just a solar simulator, the FCT-650SE includes a fully programmable and tunable spectrum steady-state LED light, which is particularly beneficial for those interested in installing solar panels for their homes.

This solar array for home testing supports a multitude of tests and measurements, including essential parameters such as full IV curve, short circuit current, open circuit voltages, maximum power point, fill factor and efficiency. It also incorporates advanced measurements, such as lifetime at maximum power and power loss analysis, which can prove vital in acquiring the most accurate data for silicon devices.

FCT-650SE not only shines in its capabilities but also in its compact design. With approximately 4,645 cm2 footprint, it equals or even outperforms many other solar simulators boasting similar illumination areas. A standout feature of this instrument is its multi-source LED solar simulator, with up to 36 tunable channels for spectrum control.

Two important factors determine the efficiency of solar panels – voltage and current range. FCT-650SE excels here as well, with ranges of 40V and 20A for silicon, and 2.4A for perovskite tandem devices. This new simulator even comes with a temperature-controlled chuck that can accommodate a variety of sample sizes.

The sun is shining bright on solar companies with this modern, compact and high performing solar simulator. Offering a combination of unparalleled features and broad testing capabilities, the FCT-650SE truly represents the path-breaking advancements in the solar industry.

Whether you represent a solar company, or you’re investigating solar options for your own home, this innovative solar simulator represents a leap forward in assessing the capabilities and efficiencies of solar technologies. As the solar industry continues to innovate and develop, it’s crucial to keep our eyes on exciting tools and technologies shaping the landscape. I eagerly anticipate the future developments that solar companies will bring to the table.

As always, stay tuned for more updates from the ever-dynamic solar industry. And remember, the sun is the most powerful source of energy we have – with modern enhancements like the FCT-650SE, we can harness it in the most efficient ways possible.

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