Top 5 US States Leading in Solar Deployment: A 2023 Analysis

Title: Solar Companies Energize the US: Your Guide to the States Championing Solar Panels for Your Home

Hello solar enthusiasts,

The escalating interest in solar energy is no newsflash – it’s a power surge we’ve all been watching grow more potent year after year. Last year added another fascinating chapter to the solar story as our nation recorded impressive strides in the adoption of solar panels for homes and businesses. Let’s shine a light on where we’ve been and where solar energy is directing us.

Firstly, an appreciative nod to the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 is due. Thanks to this groundbreaking legislation, the federal investment tax credit for solar companies got a well-deserved extension, while domestic manufacturing incentives and energy production tax credits received a significant boost, paving the way for an explosive growth in the solar sector.

According to a report by the White House, the subsequent investments in clean energy manufacturing and infrastructure after the IRA adoption is mind-blowing—with close to $240 billion funneled into this sector, enriched by $86 billion reserved for sparking life into nearly 300 new solar, wind, and battery energy storage projects.

So, which states led the charge in 2023’s solar revolution? The Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) spotlighted the illuminating achievements of the top five states.

Starting from our number five spot, we have Ohio that installed solar arrays for homes and businesses totalling 1.3 GW, marking a staggering 1,230% rise compared to the previous year. The state’s solar appetite remains unsatiated, with a mammoth 3 GW across 20 projects lined up for future development.

Colorful Colorado, making its return to the top five after 13 long years, secured the fourth spot with an impressive 1.6 GW—nearly tenfold the tally of 2022 solar installations.

The Sunshine State, Florida, retained its bronze position in the solar-ranking marathon for the fifth consecutive year, clocking a record 3.2 GW. It’s no surprise that the sun-drenched peninsula state witnessed over 50,000 of its residents install solar panels on their homes last year, making up nearly half of Florida’s 220,000 residential solar arrays.

The silver medal was bagged by California, which harnessed an additional 6.2 GW of new solar. However, due to recent changes in state policy, the state’s solar market might witness a decline in 2024 across all market segments.

The Lone Star State, Texas, rose as the titan of solar installations, generating a whopping 6.5 GW in 2023. With more than 15 GW added since 2021, Texas surpassed the total solar capacity installed across the United States two years prior.

Over a span of 10 years, from 2024 to 2034, the SEIA predicts that Texas will continue its reign, almost doubling the solar capacity additions of its nearest competitor.

In summary, the future of solar is no longer a tiny speck on the horizon—it’s rapidly transforming into a significant slice of America’s energy mix. Whether you’re considering a solar array for your home or corporate building, America’s pioneering solar companies stand ready to lead you into a greener, brighter future.

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