Harnessing Solar Power: How Molson Coors Brewery Goes Green with Renewable Energy

Greetings fellow solar enthusiasts! Today, we will journey to the Badger Hollow Solar Park in southwest Wisconsin, home to an awe-inspiring 300 MW solar installation. Not to drop too many numbers there, but I am sure as you read along you’ll be fascinated as well. Developed by Invenergy, this behemoth solar array for home and business use is the largest in the state, solidifying Wisconsin’s commitment to renewable energy.

Generating enough electricity to power the equivalent of 90,000 homes, the Badger Hollow Solar Park glows as a beacon for solar companies nationwide. This colossal solar company project offers more than just impressive numbers, it’s a testament to the power and potential of solar panels for your home and indeed, for our entire communities.

Interestingly, the Badger Hollow solar installation shares its location with hog farming operations. This shared lease agreement on farmland not only makes good use of valuable land, but also brings a fair sum of tax revenue into the local economy. It’s an engaging blend of old and new, industry and agriculture, making it a noteworthy model for future solar enterprise.

The construction of this mammoth solar project was split into two 150 MW stages. The timeline highlights efficient project management, with stage 1 being brought online in December 2021 and stage 2 humming to life in January 2024. Spread over 1,100 acres, the solar park houses a total of 830,000 bifacial solar modules on trackers, a substantial sight for any solar fan.

Ownership of the project is split between Wisconsin Public Service, which holds 100 MW of Stage 1, and Madison Gas and Electric (MGE) – the proud owner of 50 MW of the project. Furthermore, the second phase of the park is jointly owned by We Energies—an admirable example of local utility cooperation—and MGE.

In the words of Jeff Keebler, MGE chairman, president, and CEO, the “completion of Badger Hollow is another step in our ongoing transition to greater use of cost-effective, carbon-free, renewable energy.” He emphasizes that the goal is to ensure that every MGE electric customer will have 80% fewer carbon emissions from their electricity use by 2030 by shifting towards net-zero carbon electricity.

Furthermore, the project also buys into the Energy for Tomorrow subscription program led by We Energies’, allowing companies, local governments, and other users to buy a share of the energy produced by the facility. Hence, the park doesn’t just generate power—it actively fosters renewable energy investment and participation in the community.

For those contemplating a switch to solar, projects like the Badger Hollow Solar Park can be a ray of hope. As increasingly more individuals and businesses get interested in the benefits of solar, solar companies continue to develop innovative ways to host solar panels for your home, business, or community. As we continue our journey, keep your eyes skyward and your sights set on the future of solar. It’s a bright one.

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