“Dawn of Solar Power: The Rise and Dominance of Sustainable Energy in 2023”

Solar power as an alternative source of energy has been on a steady rise over time, proving to be an elegant solution to the global environmental crisis. With myriad solar companies offering a range of attractive options for the installation of solar panels for your home, it’s the perfect time to go green with solar energy. Moreover, this year has been remarkable for developments across the solar energy sector worldwide, let’s dive into the latest solar news.

Starting with the interconnection studies by grid operators in the USA assessing the integration of generation and storage projects, evaluations have yielded mixed results. The operators in California and Texas came out with an impressive “B” grades, indicating a high level of proficiency in their interconnection processes. However, other regions didn’t score as well, indicating room for improvement. Learning about these advancements offered by solar companies gives one a sense of the progress being made in the solar industry.

There’s also exciting news for solar array for home as well as for Electric Vehicle (EV) owners. Worksport has launched an off-grid solar kit designed specifically for pickup trucks. This handy kit serves as a portable power source, perfect for outdoor activities and as a temporary backup during power outages. Isn’t that an awesome move towards solar efficiency?

On the research front, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has provided a pivotal roadmap to achieving perovskite passivation – a technique to prevent perovskite solar cells from degrading quickly or losing efficiency. This discovery holds significant implications for the effectiveness of solar cells, making solar panel installation for your home even more appealing.

Speaking of plans aimed at promoting solar power use, the impending benefits of EPA’s $7 billion Solar for All program cannot be overstated. This initiative is set to stimulate the solar market, extending the benefits of solar energy substantially beyond the program’s initial five-year span. Thus, installing a solar array for home becomes incredibly advantageous, both economically and environmentally.

In 2023, solar energy accounted for 5.5% of U.S. electricity – a 17.5% increase from the previous year. Although the rate of growth decelerated, it still contributed an additional 33 TWh of electricity—a commendable achievement indeed.

A new record in solar cell efficiency was also set this year. A cadmium telluride solar cell developed by the University of Toledo based on indium gallium oxide emitter achieved an unprecedented efficiency of 17.2%. This highest ever efficiency of flexible solar cells brings us a step closer to making the most out of sunlight.

While oil major, Shell, plans to sell 25% of its US solar assets as reported by Reuters; it doesn’t diminish the rising tides of the solar sector. With advancements being made each day, I cannot stress enough the benefits and significant importance of employing solar panels for your home. Let’s continue to watch this space as solar power lights up a more sustainable future.

Original Articlehttps://pv-magazine-usa.com/2024/03/01/sunrise-brief-solar-generated-5-5-of-u-s-electricity-in-2023-a-17-5-increase/

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