Explosive Growth of Solar Energy in California: A 5-Year Timeline Journey to 57.5 GW by 2045

Hello, solar enthusiasts and newcomers alike! As a seasoned solar expert, it’s a pleasure to share with you the recent news from California – a state that’s fast paving the way to a clean energy future. Today, we’re diving into what California’s 2035 electricity emissions goals look like, and more importantly, the vital role solar is slated to play. A hint? It’s significant.

California’s Public Utility Commission (CPUC) recently laid out its roadmap to reduce emissions to 25 million metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent (MMT) by 2035. This blueprint is designed to guide utilities in choosing cleaner and greener electricity sources. For solar energy enthusiasts like myself, it’s delightful to see the projected capacity of solar power reaching an astonishing 76.9 GW in a “low gas” condition by 2035. To give you a perspective, about 43 GW is installed cumulatively to date in the state!

So, what’s this mean for individual solar companies, solar installers, and those of you considering solar panels for your home? In short, it’s time to gear up! Under the default future projection aptly named the “25 MMT Core Case,” the demand for utility-scale solar is predicted to rise significantly—from 3 GWac deployed in 2024 to a staggering 57.5 GW in 2045.

The CPUC’s decision stems from a vital realization that started in 2020—our current procurement patterns are simply insufficient to meet the state’s ambitious emission reduction goals. Therefore, meeting these demands will involve not only established solar companies but those considering solar array for home setups too.

One intriguing development from these discussions is the introduction of a “Low Gas” model. This framework suggests accelerating the closure of gas plants beyond that proposed by the 25 MMT Core Case’s projections—targeting a 70% decrease in gas plant utilization by 2035, and a breathtaking 90% reduction by 2039!

In addition to pushing for solar power, the CPUC has called for more offshore wind power generation—a clear sign that the state is betting big on clean, renewable sources. For our readers curious about local electricity utilities, there’s good news there too. The recent guidelines provided to utilities give scope for exciting programs like “Peak Power Rewards.” This initiative rewards customers who supply power during peak demand hours using their residential solar-plus-storage assets.

The current plan also includes the inclusion of geothermal capacity, to the tune of 2 GW. How this projection is likely to take shape is a topic I’m excited to follow and share with you in my future posts.

So, there you have it. The move is clear—solar energy is not merely an alternative, but gradually becoming front and center of how California envisions its energy future. As we journey into this sustainable future, every one of us—whether you’re a homeowner thinking about solar panels for your home or a solar company preparing for the rising demand—has a role to play. Let’s plan wisely, power our homes sustainably, and contribute to a cleaner, greener future.

Original Articlehttps://pv-magazine-usa.com/2024/02/26/california-needs-10-gw-of-annual-solar-deployment-in-five-years-57-5-gw-annually-by-2045/

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