GameChange’s Solar Panel Revolution: Expanding U.S Manufacturing to 35 GW for a Cleaner Future

Greetings, fellow solar enthusiasts! Prepare for a deep dive into the latest industry developments that can hugely impact the choices we make when considering solar array for home installations. The unfolding narrative around American solar manufacturing takes an encouraging twist, with significant domestic manufacturing capability expansion in the pipeline.

Truly, the solar domain is an ever-evolving space, but amidst the dynamics, one provider of solar tracking solutions has been consistently stepping up. It has lately taken the leap to significantly increase its annual U.S. domestic manufacturing capacity for key components from an impressive 24 GW in 2023 to an even more astounding 35 GW per year.

The most enlightening bit: this solar company is committed to producing a standard 70% of U.S.-produced content in its solar trackers, with the potential for this number to escalate to over 85% upon request! Excellent news if you’re one amongst many Americans passionate about supporting domestic manufacturing.

This solar company has an expansive network across 16 states, including Michigan, Ohio, New York, New Jersey, New Orleans, Indiana, Illinois, and Kentucky. Here, it produces everything from torque tubes and posts to controllers, module mounting equipment, bearings, stamped parts – indeed, all the essentials that go into making its reliable trackers.

The solar industry continuously evolves and this solar company understands the importance of innovation to remain on top. By launching the 1P-2Row Genius Tracker, they’ve revolutionized installation, reducing cost and time through a single controller managing two rows. This game-changing equipment even comes with preassembled components, eliminating the necessity of all washers.

Perhaps their most innovative offering is the MaxDensity system unveiled in 2022. It presents a ground-mounted, fixed-tilt racking system with a 5-degree or 10-degree east-west landscape configuration and is engagingly versatile. With a ground coverage ratio of up to an immense 98%, it can nip in to fit even in the trickiest parcels of land, securing up to an impressive 7 MW of power in configurations of up to 12,000 modules.

With a track record of delivering over 26 GW of solar tracker and fixed-tilt systems, this solar company is a proven leader in its field. Ou need look no further than the national independent power producer, Catalyze, which completed two solar projects in Lancaster, New York, using their trackers. One of these installations lit up a 197-acre decommissioned landfill in Erie County, truly light out of darkness brought about by solar energy harnessed efficiently with the best solar panels for your home.

With such strides in domestic manufacturing, the solar industry becomes more accessible and beneficial for American consumers. These developments provide us with even more options in our quest for sustainable, efficient energy, making now the ideal time to connect with reliable solar companies. As we continue to explore these sunlit possibilities, let’s keep our minds open, our spirits buoyant, and our homes solar-ready.

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