Unveiling the Future of Solar Energy: Verde Technologies’ Perovskite-coated Panels Revolution

Hello solar aficionados and newbies alike! If you’ve been following the changing landscape of solar technologies like I have, there’s certainly some exciting news on the horizon. This week, we’re focusing on a significant development in the industry. Specifically, one that’s all about lightweight, flexible perovskite solar technologies.

A unique solar company, a University of Vermont spinoff called Verde Technologies, has made some incredible progress with their thin-film coating technology. This advancement could revamp how solar companies around the globe approach the manufacturing of solar panels for your home.

In collaboration with contract manufacturer Verico Technology, these noteworthy pioneers in solar technology demonstrated impressive results with their novel perovskite solution. Once applied onto a flexible substrate, you’re viewing the future of efficient solar array for home applications – specifically, the scaling process called Verde Slot Coating.

But how does Verde Slot Coating stand out, you ask? According to Verde Technologies CEO, Skylar Bagdon, it combines the scalability of slot-die coating with the potential for quick optimization and iteration cycles. It’s the best of both worlds. Furthermore, the findings and advancement from this small-scale project are directly transferable to a commercial roll-to-roll system, optimizing the way solar companies mass-produce solar panels.

Focusing on single junction and all thin-film tandem perovskite solar technologies, Verde Technologies is positioning itself as a champion in this field. With lab-scale power conversion efficiencies for their perovskite cell technology exceeding an impressive 21%, it’s hard not to be excited about what they’re creating for our solar-powered world.

But they’re not stopping there. They’re now looking to outdoor testing of modules with early customers. They’re also engaging in concerted testing efforts with the Perovskite PV Accelerator for Commercializing Technologies (PACT) consortium and a new solar research and testing facility in Burlington, Vermont.

In the long run, they envision repowering projects to swap out ageing panels with their superior performing ones. Their primary targets include utility-scale projects before they expand into other lightweight PV segments like large commercial metal and membrane rooftops.

The innovations that Verde Technologies is bringing to the table have the potential to revolutionize the solar industry. For the many interested in decking out their homes with solar arrays, the prospect of these more efficient, portable panels is an exciting one. It’s one more step towards a greener, more sustainable future for all.

Rest assured I’ll keep you posted with any more solar news that shines – until then, keep dreaming of that green, energy-efficient future.

Original Articlehttps://pv-magazine-usa.com/2024/02/16/verde-technologies-advances-solar-perovskite-thin-film-roll-to-roll-coating/

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