Top 10 Solar Panel Brands Dominating the U.S. Market: An In-depth Analysis

Greetings, solar enthusiasts! Are you looking to equip your home with a solar array, but feeling overwhelmed by the plethora of solar panels available in the market? Fret not! Today, we’ll be dissecting a comprehensive report from SolarReviews, one of the go-to platforms where you can compare different solar companies, to help make your decision easier.

One notable trend in 2023 was the fluctuation in state solar policies and rising interest rates on solar panels. This makes it doubly important for you to tap into reliable sources of information before investing in solar panels for your home.

When ranking solar panel manufacturers, SolarReviews evaluates them based on six parameters: value, module quality, the financial performance of the solar company, investment in the U.S. market, warranty and the quality of the dealer network. The insight is gleaned from a plethora of data sources, including product specification sheets and financial statements, creating a potent tool that facilitates an informed decision.

Now, the big reveal – the top ten solar panel manufacturers serving the U.S. market:

1. Qcells
2. Silfab Solar
3. JA Solar
4. JinkoSolar
5. Canadian Solar
6. Longi
7. Panasonic
8. REC
9. Maxeon
10. SEG Solar

Qcells topped the list for the second consecutive year. The distinct honour is a testament to their commitment to creating top-notch, durable solar products, not to mention their enormous $2.5 billion investment in their Georgia operations. Their product line includes the Q.TRON G2, a residential solar panel, and a bifacial panel for commercial and utility purposes.

Silfab Solar was another manufacturer that made impressive strides in 2023, securing the second position in the ranking. Their rise is largely driven by their use of superior-quality control and state-of-the-art technology to manufacture reliable, high-performance solar modules.

Keep in mind, though, these rankings are based on the U.S market. For a broader perspective, you may want to check out the 2023 PV Module Index report by the Renewable Energy Test Center (RETC). They rank international solar panel brands based on quality, performance, and reliability by subjecting them to an array of stress tests.

Hopefully, this information will aid you in navigating the solar market and help you pick the right solar panels for your home. As the solar industry continues to evolve, I’ll be here to share more updates, trends and helpful tips. Until then, soak up the sun!

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