Breaking Dawn: North Carolina Court Weighs Decision on Rooftop Solar

Hello Solar enthusiasts! If you, like me, are always on the lookout for the latest in the world of solar, today’s blog post will surely pique your interest. I’ll be delving into some recent developments, industry news and potential opportunities within the solar sector.

First up, we have an RFP alert for the solar companies out there. The New York Power Authority is seeking proposals for a new 5.2 MW solar project. What’s noteworthy is the location – the State University of New York at Oneonta. The ideal bid will incorporate a battery energy storage system, which would not only help in storing solar power for use during non-sunny periods but can also enhance grid reliability. There’s a second option too! A non-lithium long-duration energy proposal is also in the mix.

If you’re interested in setting up a spectacular solar array for your home, North Carolina might be the place to watch. A critical rooftop solar decision is currently under review by the state’s appeals court. Environmental advocates are appealing a cut to rooftop solar generation exports. They argue that Duke Energy ignored the benefits of customer-sited solar in its internal analysis of net metering rates. This decision could set an important precedent for the future valuation of solar exports from residential arrays.

Now let’s not beat about the bush here, not all solar news is sunny, unfortunately. Publicly traded solar installer Sunworks has filed for bankruptcy amid troubled macroeconomic conditions for distributed solar nationwide. This underscores how even within an industry as forward-thinking and sustainability-focused as solar, companies must navigate intricate financial landscapes.

Despite the stormy weather conditions being reported across North America, which have caused irradiance to be below average, this should not deter individuals interested in setting up solar panels for their home or businesses thinking about a switch to solar. As any solar aficionado will tell you, the course of the sun doesn’t always run smooth, but the long-term trend is clear – solar is the future.

That’s a wrap for this solar update! Remember to stay informed about your local policies, keep track of major rulings around regulations, and continually evaluate the standing of your selected solar company. Such steps will ensure that you successfully harness the power of the sun with the best solar solutions on offer!

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