“Breaking Ground: Longroad’s Largest Solar Project Commences Operations in 2025”

Have you ever taken a moment to marvel at the power of the sun? If not, now is the perfect time as exciting advancements are happening in the world of solar energy. Particularly, we’re talking about the latest progress in solar arrays for home with an array that might just change everything.

I’m delighted to introduce you to Sun Streams 4, a grand solar facility boasting a generous 377 MW capacity, coupled with an impressive 1200 MWh battery energy storage system. This energy behemoth is not only powering homes in Maricopa County, Arizona but doing so with unprecedented efficiency.

The footing of this colossal project was laid by Longroad Energy who have provisioned this project with 800,000 Series 6 Plus solar modules—an achievement supplied by the one and only First Solar. These are not just any solar modules; we’re talking top-notch cadmium telluride bifacial panels. High-performing and efficient, these panels can dish out a whopping 455 to 480-watt capacity, and with an efficiency of up to 19%.

The design of this solar array for home truly embraces the very heart of Arizona—extreme heat—and keeps on performing. This is all thanks to the implementation of NX Horizon trackers from Nextracker. These trackers have been specifically configured to survive Arizona’s torrid climate. Likewise, utility-scale inverters from Sungrow come with integral current and voltage monitoring functions which enable remote analysis and troubleshooting—effortless maintenance, right?

Challenging traditional power solutions, the facility incorporates a Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) from Powin. This innovative system has a sound 1200 MWh duration. Moreover, it is modular and scalable, arrives at the location built and pre-integrated, and is performance-tested in an outdoor enclosure. This means it can slash installation time by a hefty 50%. That’s what I call efficiency.

As solar companies go, Longroad Energy definitely knows how to pick its associates. For the construction of this ambitious project, the company has entrusted the proficient hands of the McCarthy Building Companies Inc. This reputable construction business is now providing engineering, procurement, and construction services for the third Sun Streams 4 complex in the area.

Not just beneficial for your home, this project offers significant community advantages too. McCarthy scheduled to recruit over 250 individuals during the peak construction phase. Apprenticeships are also being offered, promising a brighter future to a new generation interested in renewable energies and solar companies.

But the real impact? Sun Streams 4 is expected to fuel over $100 million into Arizona schools and communities, carving promising futures for many through long-term leases and tax remittances. Talk about a bonus win!

Exciting times are ahead for Arizona and the indomitable progress of solar energy. Whether you are an individual considering solar panels for your home or a potential investor in solar companies, the rise of Sun Streams 4 serves as a brilliant example of the immense potential that lies in harnessing the power of the sun. Stay tuned for more updates as the world continues to bask in the glow of solar energy.

Original Articlehttps://pv-magazine-usa.com/2024/02/11/longroads-largest-solar-project-to-begin-commercial-operations-in-mid-2025/

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